Track your Flight Status Live

Thousands of airlines from around the world. Review your airline, get help for delayed flights & see local services and discounts when you land.


Check Live Flight Status

We track thousands of flights daily, we let you know whether they are ontime, delayed or cancelled and if you’re unhappy we’ll help you.

Review your Airline

Happy with your airline or had a poor flight experience? Leave your review and we’ll help you make them improve.

Local Discounts

When you land, it’s great to know what you’re doing and where you’re heading, let us help with some select local discounts.

Delayed Flight?

If your flight was delayed, we’ll help you make a claim, there are multiple companies out there, but we’ll choose the one with the most success.

Have a pleasant flight…

When a flight goes well, it’s great…when it goes wrong…well…we’re here to make it a bit better.


Poor Flight Experience?

Write your review on our platform, we’ll address it directly with the airline…it’s not just about a complaint, it’s about the airline actively improving its service.


Delayed or Cancelled Flight?

We’ll send your complaint and claim to the most active claims agents to retrieve your compensation. Sometimes airlines don’t listen…but money talks. When we make a claim for you, the airlines are forced to listen, change and improve.


Local Discounts…

Wherever you are, in your local airport, or an international one. We display the local discounts that you can take advantage of to enjoy your trip even more!

Even when travelling is tiresome, we’re here to help.

We want you to have the most pleasant experience travelling, whether it’s together as a family or solo! We’re here to put things right and make sure you have a great time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I check the status of my flight?

A1: To check the status of your flight, simply enter the flight number or the airline name and departure date in the search bar on our homepage. You’ll receive real-time updates on the status of your flight, including any delays or changes.

Q2: Can I leave a review for a flight I recently took?

A2: Absolutely! After your flight, you can leave a review by navigating to the ‘Review’ section. Enter your flight details and share your experience. Your feedback helps others make informed choices.

Q3: How do I find discounts at local airports and vendors?

A3: Our website features a dedicated section for discounts. Select your airport or destination to browse available discounts at local airport vendors, including food, retail, and lounges.

Q4: Are the flight status updates in real-time?

A4: Yes, our flight status updates are in real-time. We gather data directly from airlines and airports to ensure you have the most current information.

Q5: How can I access information about airport amenities?

A5: For information on airport amenities, visit our ‘Airports’ section. Here, you can find details about lounges, Wi-Fi availability, dining options, and other facilities at various airports.

Q6: Is there a mobile app available for this service?

A6: Yes, we have a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. The app offers all the features of our website, including flight status checks, review submissions, and access to local discounts.

Q7: Can I set up flight alerts?

A7: Yes, you can set up flight alerts by registering on our website or through our app. Once set up, you’ll receive notifications regarding any changes or updates to your flight status.

Q8: Is there a fee to use this service?

A8: Our basic flight status check service is free. However, we offer a premium subscription that includes additional features like detailed flight analytics and historical data.

Q9: How do I submit a complaint or a compliment about a flight experience?

A9: You can submit both complaints and compliments in our ‘Feedback’ section. We ensure that your feedback is forwarded to the respective airline for further action or acknowledgment.

Q10: Can I compare flight prices on your website?

A10: While our primary service is flight status checks and reviews, we offer a flight comparison tool where you can view and compare prices from different airlines for your chosen destination.

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